Monday, May 11, 2009

How can i get people to do my online survey?

in other words, any ways to spread it around??

How can i get people to do my online survey?
send it in emails and tell whoever you send it to to keep sending
Reply:what is the survey about... Id take it.
Reply:Make sure you send it to people who may have an interest in filling it out. For example, if you're a student and doing a survey for research purposes, make sure you mention that in your intro and try to send it to people who would have an interest in helping a student succeed. i.e., other students, professors, parents of students. Always ask people to forward the survey to others, especially if they themselves don't have time to participate.
Reply:What is your survey.....I'll do it
Reply:just post it on yahoo answers duh!
Reply:post it on here. a lot of people will respond to it! especially because they will get free points.
Reply:Go to all kinds of chat rooms and post it, go to a blog to post it, and email it to everyone you know and tell them to pass it on to all their friends. (Make sure you tell everyone its free and not long) People don't like paying or waisting their time. I hope it helps!
Reply:This is a bit of are surveying a group of people online to find out how to do an online survey.

I would think this wouldn't be a bad way to spread it around. You might want to try chat rooms that are similar, in subject, to your survey. A group of friends in MySpace would also help.
Reply:You might want to put up an ad or something. I like the idea of a myspace or Yahoo! 360* account. I would like to take the survey, but what is it for? What are you trying to conclude? Maybe post another question that tells where or what the survey is.
Reply:If you have a blog you can post it in there, or if you have a myspace account or something of that sorts you can post it as a bulletin. Or you could even put it as a question on here.
Reply:offer a sweepstakes prize incentive: every survey filled will be elegible for a prize drawing for godiva chocolate, or starbucks gift cards or itunes gift cards or something. Of course you'd have to pay for the prizes and shipping costs... but I'd be willing to fill out the survey if there was hope of getting chocolate out of it! :)

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