Monday, May 11, 2009

Has anyone actually made money off the online survey jobs?

i have looked, and i come up with them wanting up-front fees, or trick you into signing up w/ a monthly drawing. Not to mention the endless emails i now get from sales wanting me to buy or sign up for stuff...

Has anyone actually made money off the online survey jobs?
I'm a member of a couple here in Canada that enter you in a quarterly sweepstakes draw for every survey you complete. I've completed dozens and dozens of surveys and haven't won yet. However, sometimes they offer gift cards or money (no more than 15 bucks) for surveys that take a little longer to complete and they always deliver on them.
Reply:I don't think they are scams but you may make less than they say. There are other ways to make money online though, like
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Reply:I make a cupple hundred a month from this one.Totally free site. You do need an alt email address to use because of all the spam you will recieve. But you can make money.
Reply:Yeah maybe after you pay to join and make 10 cents a survey. It just another scam. Ebooks and surveys and typing from home oh my. Tried all that crap and it does not work. So I joined the company that kept seeing on TV. Seen it on Oprah and caught my attention. Then I seen it on Good Morning America and I checked it out. This company makes sense so I joined. I am finally making cash. Check it out for yourself.

Reply:Watch out, most of the surveys want you to sign up with a service using your credit card, evaluate them and then take the survey. You have to make sure and cancel anything unwanted before the free trial ends or it can cost you more than you make. Many are just a marketing scam for the companies you are surveying.

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