Monday, May 11, 2009

What is the best online survey site?

In your personal experience, what is the best paid survey site? I belong to a couple but am not incredibly impressed.

What is the best online survey site?
There is some good infomation about legit. survey sites here:

Just remember, you will not get rich taking online surveys, you cannot make a decent living. All you will get a a little extra pocket money, some gift cards and some (usually) cheap merchandise.
Reply:The best survey site out there that is real and pays

is *************!

there is nothing like it

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Reply:Many people these days are making money online with paid surveys. I have found that these paid surveys are especially suitable for students. Since many students are living with a tight%26lt;!--budget the several hundred dollars that can be made monthly is a big help and the flexibility of taking paid surveys online is a big plus for students as well. To join these companies, you dont need a credit card and the best part is that you dont need to pay anything. Its FREE. Survey Adventure is the best survey site and you can earn a massive income. Registration is FREE.

These are three of the top reasons that paid surveys are so well suited to students. Students spend a good--%26gt;part of their time online already. Paid survey sites place a premium on users between the ages of 13-25 3. Most students can benefit from the extra money earned with paid surveys
Reply:Theres alot of different paid online surveys, to tell u the true most of them suck. I have try alot of them over the years but one that i always like was paidsurveysetc try it out --%26gt;


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