Monday, May 11, 2009

How can i tell a good (free to join) paid online survey thats not a scam?

I want to get into it bcoz my friends says it pays well and i need the extra money.

How can i tell a good (free to join) paid online survey thats not a scam?
there are none

either you join for free

but then have to jump thru hoops ( or subsequently quit ) or once they got the data they want ( for free from you ) the survey will say your responses were not qualified for any points towards what ever "free" or " money" they ate giving and thus kick you out of the survey, you also get spammed for you troubles with tons of useless offers
Reply:When you join, if they are you to do surveys first, do it.

But after you completed doing, they never send u a single survey to do, den it's scam. Remember not to pay any money for these programs.
Reply:Make sure the site do not charge you upfront fees. Most are free to join.

I have a list of good sites in my blog. Click the link below.
Reply:You can't. I do surveys because they are fun...but in order to get money or products you have to complete so many surveys and then buy or get your friends to buy or sign up for a product or service.
Reply:all scams. all sites that say answer stuff, read emails, surf web and make money, all scams, all takes, all pyramid scams.

nothing on the web is free like that as anything like that is easily automated via code. so there would never be a reason to pay a person to do what a computer can in 1/100,000 the time frame.

these scams exist cause they are all $10, $20 items and fall below what police or anyone else will mess with. but the scammers hit 100 people a day, in turn making thousands all in small pops.

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