Monday, May 11, 2009

Did anyone attend the online survey to make money before? how did you find them?

some ads on the straits times, looking for asian to do the online surveys from home to earn extra $$.

Did anyone attend the online survey to make money before? how did you find them?
The rule, as always, is to stay away from those that ask you to pay before you can get these surveys.

Legitimate market survey companies such as Pinecone Research recruit members based on demographic characteristics -- e.g. mothers of babies 0-12 years old -- and will send surveys of products and services targeting this demographic group. Pinecone Research, however, pays only $5 per survey -- you're definitely not going to be rich with that. They can give you anywhere from 1-5 at most surveys in a month.

Other companies simply ask you to answer as many research as possible, and you don't earn anything just the chance to win at a raffle (which I find lame).

The article "Earning Money from Surveys" provide a short list of legitimate market research firms and contains explanations of what to look for when joining surveys (and weeding out the fraudulent ones)

Pinecone Research

GreenField Online

Harris Poll Online




Survey Spot
Reply:Best, legal and safe way to earn on internet is by joining paid survey sites. Paid survey sites pay you for your opinion on various topics.

Don’t pay for any survey program to join. There are many free to join paid survey like survey savvy they pay more then 5 $ per survey. Always check for on which site you are registering is BBB (Better Business Bureaus) certified.

Global Test Market

American Consumer Opinion;...

Survey Savvy


Opinion Surveys


Or you can check the website for more earning recourses.
Reply:This one's not a scam. I've recently joined it, and

you can make $200-$300 a month, at least:


I'd highly recommend it!
Reply:yes, try this,
Reply:99% of them scams that 1% are very dificul to find
Reply:at least this may give you a hint on their forum
Reply:It's like expecting a letter from a dead person:)
Reply:I have got about $8500 from surveys in 2 yesrs. It took me 2 months of research to find genuine companies %26amp; how to

differentiate b/w good survey websites %26amp; scams.

I have really enjoyed doing them %26amp; the incentive has been cool as well!

I never paid anywebsite to get surveys. There are 2 websites which I really found useful

The first website has a lot of articles related to surveys in addition to a list of about 20 good survey sites.

The 2nd website has a neat list of good survey sites.


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