Monday, May 11, 2009

Has anyone ever really made money from an online survey site, or are they all scams?

They usually ask for a fee, but then you can work as much or as little as you want.

Has anyone ever really made money from an online survey site, or are they all scams?
Do not join any survey site that asks for a payment, they are all scams. You can make small amounts of money from survey sites, here are a couple of free legit ones:

Choozz is a new, completely free survey site. Join and give your opinion on Movies, Music and Games. Some surveys offer cash rewards, and others prizes like; digital camera's, i-Pods, vouchers, CD's etc. Sometimes you even get to see, hear and play new products before they hit the market. Heaps more interesting than most survey sites:

InboxDollars gives you the opportunity to earn cash for Reading E-Mail, Referring Your Friends, Playing Games and Completing Offers. You get $5 for signing up or refering your friends, between 1 - 10 cents for reading an email, up to $4 for filling in a survey. The minimum payment is $30.
Reply:Yes, I have. If you are interested in doing surveys email me at:

The sites have email invites. And i'm also offering help on how to qualify for surveys

good luck
Reply:Stay away from the sites that ask for a fee, they are almost certainly a scam. I make OK money doing surveys on the free to join survey sites. 2 to 10 dollars per survey is the normal amount per survey. Not a lot but I like getting paid for an online hobby.

I've recently started a blog and have listed and reviewed the free sites I've had the best luck with:

Have a good one!

Reply:I'm sure there is money to be made in these areas. The problem is that one must be in front of the computer for long periods of time in order to make that happen. There are far better ways to make money from home.

There is a website called It give some good information about how to evaluate a good home business.
Reply:The online survey site I am a part of does not have any fees and registration is fee.

It in fact does really pay as other users have proven so.

I have already made $20 and I just started two days ago.

Check it out at this site for more information:
Reply:I used to think if something asked for money it meant it was a scam. (I've come to learn that isn't always true.) I have tried the survey route, but you have to do a TON of surveys, for little to no return.

I opted to start a business with Arbonne. If you'd like to read about what I do, please visit my website--
Reply:you should NEVER, EVER pay for any kind of survey or wah listing. there is a free list of online survey sites that DO NOT charge anything to sign up or participate. it's

if you're looking for a work at home job, there is a free list of real companies who hire people to work from home at

No scams, NO fees, NO investments; just info
Reply:Just take the attitude that they are all scams, and you will be okay.

Hey try that site, I've gotten 2 360 games since I signed up a 3 weeks ago. Make sure you make a new email and read the FAQ after signing up if you need help. You can get whatever you want because you can use amazon to get your stuff.

Not a scam, I give you my guaranteed promise. :)
Reply:tutorial of paid surveys:


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