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What are some respectable and non-scam online paid survey websites?

I want to start making some extra cash to pay for a car and I have heard a lot about online surveys being a good way to make some extra money so I figure I%26#039;ll give it a try. I want to know if there are any respected online paid survey sites that are profitable and not scams. I don%26#039;t want to pay for a membership to a scam site and I%26#039;m sure there are some respected survey sites out there.|||I have been doing online surveys for around a year now %26amp; in sharing my experience, I have created a guide that offers a detailed look into legit free paid online surveys here:

I believe this blog will help you in your endeavors. My video tutorials can help ease the process of entering into paid survey sites.

*the key is not to just sign up for one site and expect loads of riches, but to sign up for a few and have the smaller checks add up*

*i truly recommend the first site*|||Hey, I thought you might be interested in these other GPT websites. I am a member of Squishy Cash and and highly recommend them. Good luck!:)

http://www.thissiteisforreal.c... Report Abuse
|||There are many legitimate paid survey sites. The tops ones are NFO, SurveySavvy, GlobalTestMarket..Remmeber real paid survey sites NEVER ask you to pay to take surveys, you don%26#039;t need to pay a membership fee do surveys.

Check out - they have FREE lists of legit paid survey sites, as well as paid survey advice/guide and reviews/ratings. Good luck!|||Here is a review of online paid surveys, they are all top rated, and no-scam.|||Well you can try the advertising program by google named adsense.

It is really good and i also earn a nice amount to spend on my needs along with my pocket money.

And you can also work whenever you want to...

Just make a website and start earning. No investment if you start with a blog.

People have really made fortunes in this thing who took this even a bit seriously...and to top it all you have nothing to lose so i also thought this thing and gave it a try...

Official website:

You can also get considerable amount of info. thru this link

Good Luck!!!|||I use this site. There are no fees, no obligations, they do drawings and other events that pay. They also have a insiders discount on things you are probably already buy. I have been with them for some time now have had fun while making some extra money.

Here is the link if you want to give them a shot and GL.|||Hello Matt S,

Paid surveys are a very popular way for people to make extra cash and win prizes quite easily and with little risk. They are easy to sign up for, very easy to take and there is virtually no risk such as you would find with other online programs like auto surfing and HYIP %26#039;s . In fact, paid surveys are so popular that some of the top survey companies are paying out close to 1 million dollars a month. Here are some gurus secrets to maximizing your paid survey earnings and fun.

Paid surveys earn between $250 and %26amp;500 a day online, quick and easy.|||I made a yahoo page with the ones I use that are all free. Only 5 on there but they have all paid. One that I have not put on there because I have no clue how to edit my page (and too lazy to figure it out) is Baker St. Solutions. (type the name into google and its the first that comes up) They pay by amazon gift certs and it%26#039;s 100% free. I usually recieve 2 surveys a month from them. But check out my page and good luck!|||1. WelI I actually take surveys for cash. And yes they do pay as long as you know the good ones. I have some free survey sites that are very reliable just check out my profile by clicking my name or email me for them. I only give sites that I%26#039;ve been paid by so you won%26#039;t get scammed. They%26#039;re all reliable and I%26#039;ve never had a problem with them. (I%26#039;ve been doing them for a year now) The best part is that anyone can do them and they%26#039;re easy. You won%26#039;t get rich but they definitely help with bills :)

2. Btw a lot of the ones above are spammers and I wouldn%26#039;t trust them|||Most online survey sites are scams. Never ever pay to join a survey site. There are legitimate survey sites out there, however you will usually only be able to make around 10-15 dollars a month per site (and that is a good month). The truth is, there is no one out there that is willing to pay you a lot of money for filling out surveys all day.

Below is a partial list of legitimate online survey companies:

Survey Savvy

Haris Poll Online

Greenfield Online

Opinion Outpost

Survey Spot


NPD Online

Lightspeed Panel


Feel free to use a search engine to visit their websites yourself, or you can visit my website at:

I have all the links available as well as information on each site including:

Rating (1-5 Stars)

Survey Participation Method

Payment Type

Payment Method

Minimum Payout

Average $ Per Survey

Survey Invitation Frequency

Referral Program

Minimum Age

I don%26#039;t charge you anything for this information, but I have worked very hard compiling it so I would appreciate it if you bookmarked the page and checked out my sponsors.

Hope this helps!|||I%26#039;ve done surveys for a long time and I created a whole blog about FREE surveys. I posted tutorial videos, proof of payment (checks), legit survey sites, and contact info if you want more guidance or have questions.

;)|||You could try a pretty new site that pays you for using a search engine. It%26#039;s so new that there isn%26#039;t much in the way of proof that they pay, but so far the projected earnings seem pretty profitable.

The next pay period for the program is April 15 so we should know if they pay or not after that date.

It%26#039;s free to join, no money down ever, you shouldn%26#039;t pay for anything to make money online, especially when there%26#039;s so many free sites that pay out there.|||try these two out its what i use and ive not have any problem with it yet thanks

http://cashcrate .com/502289|||****************************************


I know a place which is personally using by me and recommended by me to my Friends.

That is

They got a list of several websites.

This is a free website which is free for peoples who wants to earn through survey. They got a wide variety of websites. And it is for FREE!! FREE!!

And another website which is very famous for making money online is

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**************************************|||Hey, my friend told me about this site called Free Cash Cafe. You take surveys, and sign up for free stuff and get paid. At first I thought it was a scam, but then I really got my check in the mail so I know it%26#039;s legit! AND YOU CAN BE 13 AND UP TO DO IT!!! I highly recommend you try this site. It%26#039;s free, so you have nothing to lose.

copy and paste the link or just click it glad to help =)|||There are many scam surveys out there but you can mostly tell which are the legit ones right away by looking at how to website the website is made. Do they have contact info? Are they making bogus claims? Do they offer a money back guarantee? You just have to be careful online these days with choosing surveys for making extra money, but there are survey websites out there that you can make some good money from. I have joined a few and make a couple hundred extra a month.|||There are thousands of people making a pretty significant income from the Internet every day. Some people want to make just a little extra money online, while others want to turn it into a full-time career.Now obviously, the catch to it is that your earnings will depend%26lt;!--entirely on your own efforts. But that%26#039;s a pretty good trade-off in my opinion, especially for the beginner who is looking to just earn some extra money online. You may have some idea on how to make money online here,

Here is a bonus for you, I make almost $1000 every week from survey adventure and its a best paying SURVEY site I have ever seen. Happiest part is that Registration is FREEE and you dont need to pay anything--%26gt;So you got nothing to lost. Sign up with survey adventure and start earning 1000%26#039;s of dollars every week. To Work from Home, You do not have to drive to work. Your office can be anywhere you put your computer. Remember not to pay for any site you join in internet and run as far as you can from them :)|||There are certainly many hundreds of research companies willing to pay you to assist them with their research, but contrary to some of what you may have heard, you won%26#039;t be making hundreds from each survey. In fact you%26#039;re unlikely to earn more than $5 per survey and will usually earn in the region of $100-$200 a month.

Companies like GlobalTestMarket, IPSOS, Valued Opinions and are very active and pay you a reasonable rate for your opinion. Othes like Pinecone and ACOP pay well but have a policy of only inviting you to one survey every month/6 weeks to ensure a good cross section of participants.

If you want to make regular money, you can%26#039;t just sign up with a couple of panels. Visit one of the free online directories like and work through the list for your country, signing up for as many as you can.


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