Monday, May 11, 2009

What is some good websites to find people to do an online survey?

I'm willing to pay a small amount for people to do my survery, but free websites are also good.

What is some good websites to find people to do an online survey?
This is the best website for doing surveys I've ever used. It's simple to learn and easy to make lots of $$.

I got $4 in my paypal account yesterday.... $7 everyday=%26gt; 7*30=$210 a month
Reply:I have been doing online surveys for about a year and make around $2000 a month from it. Some times even more.

Here are the tricks to making some decent money from taking online surveys.

Fist off join several online survey groups. You should never have to pay to join one and I tend to stay away from the ones that use the point system.

Here is a site that has a list of reputable survey groups that I belong to. It was recommenced by a friend of mine.

Another thing you should do is keep an eye out for focus groups. They generally pay more and you just have to spend a little bit of time on the phone.

Make sure to check all of your survey groups every day for new surveys and focus groups.

Lastly make sure that your answers are short and sweet. You want to make the answer useful to the company paying you but short. This way you can spend your time doing more surveys and maximize your earnings.

Have fun. I highly suggest and personally recommend trying the groups on that link.
Reply:what type of survey is it? if it was just a few short questions could you put it in the surveys category on yahoo answers?

if its something longer I'm not too sure, maybe you could add it to a blog, and then invite people to complete it for you for free, maybe put a link to it on your yahoo profile.

you could use to create a free blog/website
Reply:It's hard to find surveys that will actually pay, but one of my friends signed up for a site that had a huge list of legit online survey companies and he did fairly well making a little a week to pay for hi school books. You won't get rich but if you do enough surveys then you can make some extra money for gas, bills, school books ect.
Reply:If you are looking for professionalism, i would try using Qualtric's survey software. From what i hear it looks good and is user friendly.


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