Monday, May 11, 2009

Do you think online survey taking as a job pays off?

can you pleasse help and answer me or atleast give me some details.

Do you think online survey taking as a job pays off?
Scams. They only want to pay you in points. and you sit through a lot of crap from too many companies.
Reply:check out my site I review the sites that have payed me and even posted the checks if you want proof
Reply:Many people these days are making money online with paid surveys. I have found that these paid surveys are especially suitable for students. Since many students are living with a tight%26lt;!--budget the several hundred dollars that can be made monthly is a big help and the flexibility of taking paid surveys online is a big plus for students as well. To join these companies, you dont need a credit card and the best part is that you dont need to pay anything. Its FREE.

These are three of the top reasons that paid surveys are so well suited to students. Students spend a good--%26gt;part of their time online already. Paid survey sites place a premium on users between the ages of 13-25 3. Most students can benefit from the extra money earned with paid surveys
Reply:If you put enough time and effort into it, yes you can make hundreds or thousands of dollars each month from it. You can make money 3 ways with them: surveys, offers, and referrals. You can make decent money with surveys and offers, but getting a lot of referrals will give a boost to whatever you're earning.
Reply:I would never count on surveys as a job. It is too unpredictable knowing how many you will receive in a month. I've made between 100-300 dollars a month and I spend quite a bit of time on a few different sites. That said, for some extra money it is a useful hobby and I think its fun giving my opinion on products.
Reply:Online surveys can only give you some money a month because you only make a couple dollars off one survey so realistically how many surveys can you do a month? Not much because it's time consuming and is little pay. You won't be making $1000 a month unless you're a machine that constantly fills out surveys.

I was very skeptical about joining this one, but I was immediately impressed.

I've received many surveys and have earned hundreds of points, cash, and

free stuff. All this in just one month! It is truly legit!

Here is the site:


Reply:It can, but usually not enough to live off of. I work online doing surveys and data entry and make a good living. I am a stay at home Mom and I've been doing this for 4 years with the site below.

They are listed with the Better Business Bureau so you know you can trust them.

Go to:
Reply:it all depends. for sites you have to pay for, it probably won't pay off. but for those sites that are free, there is nothing to lose only money to earn. I take part in cash crate and i dont have any problems with them at all. It is free to join and the surveys take no time at all to complete.
Reply:Stop Wait!

Why spend hours online aswering questions?!

Save time and effort, Make money the smart way.

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Reply:You can earn some money by joining a number of survey companies. However, you many not be able to replace it with a job.
Reply:For me no...I found that too many of the surveys want you to review a laundry list of ads from their patrons. Most times you can't finish or enter the survey with procuring a subscription to some other website. Granted you can cancel before the 30 day trial period ends, but to me it's so much brain damage.


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